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  1. Hujiang
  1. True [PINNED] Get a 20 Hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online Now   

    An E-mail application can help you to get more than a 20 hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online. Let's have a try.
    2013-05-22 17:09,20 Comments Free chinese chinese online
  2. False [Customs] Pigeon Egg-shaped Sweet Dumpling   

    2017-03-27 13:57, food
  3. False [Customs] Bookish Dreams   

    In the small tourist town of Yangshuo, Guangxi, a crowd meandered into a cement structure more akin to a tool shed than a house.
    2017-03-06 12:07, culture
  4. False [Customs] China’s Crime: By the Numbers   

    Court statistics revealed in a work report at a recent People’s Congress event are, at first glance, as dry as you would expect from one of China’s least interesting meetings.
    2017-03-05 12:02, culture
  5. False [Customs] China Drinks Its Milk   

    Forget the slowing economy. Fake news is “the biggest source of harm” to his business, according to beverage tycoon Song Qinghou.
    2017-03-04 12:00, culture
  6. False [Customs] Top Product Scandals of 2017 (So Far)   

    The “315 Gala” aims to raise awareness of consumer rights and communicate the government’s determination to regulate the market.
    2017-03-04 11:58, culture
  7. False [Customs] Foreign Presence   

    Foreign journalists have often had a tumultuous relationship with China’s Two Sessions government meetings.
    2017-03-03 11:54, culture
  8. False [Customs] Macau About That?   

    Peering through the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, an iconic facade that justifiably serves as one of Macau’s most instantly recognizable tourist attractions.
    2017-03-03 11:51, culture
  9. False [Customs] The Left-Behind Village   

    Mae Salong sits along a winding mountain road in Northern Thailand. The village is in an isolated valley, the hillsides lined with terraced fields.
    2017-03-02 11:49, culture
  10. False [Customs] Naming Trends Across the Decades   

    Earlier this year, Qimingtong, a “name consulting company,” released a report which listed the top 100 popular names in China.
    2017-03-02 11:46, culture
  11. False [Customs] Add that Missing Element to your Chinese Name   

    When you live in China for some time and make friends with Chinese, it’s not difficult for you to find that the first five words are a common component of Chinese names.
    2017-03-01 11:43, chinesename
  12. False [Customs] An Old Shoe   

    the Cantonese are obsessed with homonyms and avoiding words that might sound like something bad.
    2017-02-28 11:50, culture
  13. False [Customs] How to Play Chinese Card Game Dou Di Zhu   

    Dou Di Zhu (斗地主, Struggle Against the Landlord) is a popular card game in China.
    2017-02-28 11:14, culture
  14. False [Customs] How to Play Liar’s Dice   

    Playing games like Liar’s Dice and mahjong is a popular pastime in Chinese culture.
    2017-02-28 10:57, culture
  15. False [Customs] A Guide to Mahjong Tile Meanings   

    While the origin of mahjong (麻將, ma jiang) is unknown, the fast-paced four-player game is very popular throughout Asia.
    2017-02-27 11:19, culture
  16. False [Customs] Learn How to Play Mahjong   

    While the origin of mahjong (麻將, má jiàng), a game called mah-jongg in the US.
    2017-02-27 11:18, culture
  17. False [Customs] Family Members   

    Chinese families are strongly paternal and hierarchical. There is a title for every family relationship on both the mother's and father's side.
    2017-02-26 19:20, culture
  18. False [Customs] How to Set Up a Mahjong Game   

    To begin, you will need a mahjong set containing 136 or 144 tiles. Learn the basic rules of play and what the mahjong sets mean before starting a game.
    2017-02-26 11:21, culture
  19. False [Customs] Mahjong: Scoring   

    Each hand and combination in mahjong have point values that vary throughout the world.
    2017-02-25 11:27, culture
  20. False [Customs] Mahjong as a Gambler's Game   

    Some people play mahjong for fun while others up the ante by turning mahjong into a gambler's game. Money is bet at the beginning of each round.
    2017-02-25 11:26, culture
  21. False [Customs] Chinese Baby Names for Boys   

    Most Chinese names are made up of three characters. The first character is the family name, and the last two characters are the given name.
    2017-02-24 19:19, culture

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