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编辑点评: 在GMAT语法考试中,经常会出现考察标点符号的题目,常用的标点符号有:Semicolons分号、Colons冒号、Commas逗号、Parentheses括号、Dashes破折号、Hyphens连字号、Ellipsis省略号和Quotation marks引号。下面小编为各位列出有关引号和省略号用法的知识点。
Quotation marks引号(“ ”) a. Use quotation mark to enclose what someone says. b. Do not use quotation marks with indirect quotations. c. If a quotation is half direct and half indirect, do not use quotation marks unless you want to emphasize the quotation d. Thoughts or questions in someone’s mind (in other words, ideas not spoken out loud) do not need quotation marks. e. Use quotation marks for definitions. f. Use quotation marks for sayings. g. Use quotation marks for labels, markings, signs, etc. 例句:Label this container “good toys” and that one “broken toys.” h. Use quotation marks to indicate the clever or silly use of a word. 标点符号和双引号的位置: 1. Commas and periods always go inside the quotation mark. 2. Colons and semicolons always go outside the quotation mark. 3. If a quotation within a quotation, use single quotation marks around it. Ellipses 省略号(…) a. Use an ellipsis to indicate that some words have been left out of a quotation.引用省略 b. Use an ellipsis to indicate that something unwritten came earlier. 例句: “… I do,”said Mimi. c. Use an ellipsis to indicate a sentence trailing off. Imagine this as the final sentence of a book chapter—it entices you to turn the page to read what happens next: Tom and Carlos were camping in the woods, asleep in their tent, when they heard it—the sound… d. Use an ellipsis to indicate a long, slow break. Long, slow break: There it was again…that soft but eerie sound. Fast, crisp break: There it was again—that loud, crashing sound. 4. If only yes or no is quoted, you do not have to use quotation marks. 一份严谨而优秀的答卷,不禁需要对知识的掌握和充分发挥,更需注重各方面的细节。标点符号就是考生容易忽视的细节题,希望考生根据此文,巩固加深关于标点符号的知识。


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