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A 1.In this argument the arguer recommends that------
2. This recommendation is based on the result of survey that------- 3. In addition , the arguer assumes that --------- 4. A careful examation would reveal how groundless the conclusion is----- B this analysis, the arguer claims that ----- 6. to substantiate it the conclusion the arguer provides the evidence that----- 7. besides the arguer asserts that-------- 8. this argument is unconvincing for several critical flaw---- C 9. the arguer predicts that------- 10. this prediction relies on the observation that--------- 11. At the same time, the arguer reasons that---------- 12. This argument is problematic for several reasons------- D 13. The conclusion in this argument is that in support of this conclusion the arguer Supplies the evidence that-------further more, the arguer infers that------ 14. While this argument has some merit(s),there are several logic flaws that deserve our attention 15. The validity(credibility) of the survey is doubtful(questionable) 16. The arguer fail to convince us that 17. Granted that----------- 姑且承认-- 18. We can’t ensure that----- 19. The arguer unfairly assumes that----- 20 The arguer fails to take into account other factors that might lead to(result in/contribute to/explain/account for/be responsible for) ----- 21. The fact that indicates nothing about(does not imply that/does not ensure that) 22. The statistical evidence cited in the argument is so vague that it does not validate the arguer’s assumption(that----) 23. The survey on which the argument relies lacks credibility and therefore does not lend strong support to the conclusion 24, The arguer commits a fallacy of ---------- 时序性逻辑错误 承上启下: 25. In the first place-----,in the second place---------,last but not least--------- 26. To begin with ---------,In addition -----,Furthermore, the arguer fails to take into account another(several other)factor(s) that might weaken the argument. 每段开头: 27. The major problem with this argument is that ------- 28. Another flaw worth discussing is that(the assumption that----) 29. Finally it is necessary to point out -(several other minor flaws that might undermine the argument----) 


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