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    所属专题:SAT考试  来源:新东方    要点:SAT高频词汇  
    编辑点评: 为了方便同学记忆SAT词汇,小编特推出SAT单词考前必背高频词系列共7个list, 每个list有50个千挑万选出来的单词,每个list分为2个部分,希望对考生备考有所帮助。
    SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(1-50) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(51-100) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(101-150) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(151-200) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(201-250) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(251-300) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(301-350) 251. gerrymandering gerrymandering /ˌdʒɛrɪˈmændərɪŋ/ N-UNCOUNT Gerrymandering isthe act ofaltering political boundaries in order to give an unfair advantageto onepolitical party or group of people. (为使某一党获得优势)改划选区 [表不满] 252. dilapidated dilapidated /dɪˈlæpɪˌdeɪtɪd/ TEM8 ADJ A building that isdilapidated is oldand in a generally bad condition. 破旧的 例: ...anold dilapidated barn. …一座破旧的谷仓。 253. debilitated debilitate /dɪˈbɪlɪˌteɪt/ TEM8 (debilitating, debilitated, debilitates) V-T If you are debilitated bysomethingsuch as an illness, it causes your body or mind to become gradually weaker. 虚弱 [正式] [usu passive] 例: Stewart took over yesterdaywhen Russell was debilitated by a stomach virus. 昨天因拉塞尔患有肠炎身体变得虚弱,斯图尔特已经接管了他的工作。 254. sophistry sophistry /ˈsɒfɪstrɪ/ N-UNCOUNT Sophistry is thepractice ofusing clever arguments that sound convincing but are in fact false.诡辩术 [正式] 例: Political selection is more dependent on sophistry and less on economicliteracy. 政治竞选更多取决于诡辩之术而非对经济是否懂行。 255. animosity animosity /ˌænɪˈmɒsɪtɪ/ TEM8 ( animosities) N-UNCOUNT Animosity is astrong feeling ofdislike and anger. Animosities are feelings of this kind. 强烈敌意 [also N in pl] 例: There's a long history of animosity between the two nations. 在那两个国家间存在着历史悠久的强烈敌意。 256. antipathy antipathy /ænˈtɪpəθɪ/ TEM8 N-UNCOUNT Antipathy is astrong feeling ofdislike or hostility toward someone or something. 憎恶 [正式] 例: ...the voting public's antipathy toward the president. …投票民众对总统的憎恶。 257. disheartened disheartened /dɪsˈhɑːt ənd/ ADJ If you are disheartened,you feeldisappointed about something and have less confidence or less hopeabout it thanyou did before. 灰心的 例: He was disheartened by their hostile reaction. 他被他们敌意的反应弄得灰心了。 258. hackneyed hackneyed /ˈhæknɪd/ TEM8 ADJ If you describe somethingsuch as asaying or an image as hackneyed, you think it is no longer likely tointerest,amuse, or affect people because it has been used, seen, or heard manytimesbefore. 老生常谈的; 不新奇的 例: Power corrupts and absolute power corruptsabsolutely. That's the old hackneyed phrase, but it's true. 权力导致腐败,绝对权力导致绝对腐败。这虽是老生常谈,但无半点虚言。 259. paradigm paradigm /ˈpærəˌdaɪm/ CET6+ TEM8 (paradigms ) N-VAR A paradigm is a modelfor somethingthat explains it or shows how it can be produced. 范例 [正式] 例: ...a new paradigm of production. …一种新的生产范例。 260. placid placid /ˈplæsɪd/ TEM4 1. ADJ A placid person oranimal is calmand does not easily become excited, angry, or upset. 温和的 例: She was a placid child who rarely cried. 她是个温和的孩子,很少哭。 2. ADJ A placid place, areaof water, orlife is calm and peaceful. 平静的 例: ...the placid waters of Lake Erie. …伊利湖平静的湖水。 261. recalcitrant recalcitrant /rɪˈkælsɪtrənt/ ADJ If you describe someoneor something asrecalcitrant, you mean that they are unwilling to obey ordersor are difficultto deal with. 不服从命令的; 难对付的 [正式] [usu ADJ n] 例: The danger is that recalcitrant local authorities will rejecttheirresponsibilities. 危险在于那些不服从命令的地方当局将拒绝履行他们的职责。 262. redundancy redundancy /rɪˈdʌndənsɪ/ CET6+ TEM8 (redundancies ) 1. N-UNCOUNT Redundancy meansbeing maderedundant. 裁员 [商业] 例: Thousands of bank employeesare facing redundancy as their employers cutcosts. 数千名银行职员面临裁员,因为他们的雇主要削减成本。 2. N-COUNT When there areredundancies, anorganization tells some of its employees to leave becausetheir jobs are nolonger necessary or because the organization can no longerafford to pay them. 多余的员工 [英国优发娱乐官网] [商业] 263. unorthodox unorthodox /ʌnˈɔːθəˌdɒks/TEM8 ADJ If youdescribe someone's behaviour, beliefs, orcustoms as unorthodox, you mean thatthey are different from what is generallyaccepted. 非正统的; 另类的 例: The reality-basedshow followed theunorthodox lives of Ozzy, his wife Sharon, daughter Kelly, and son,Jack. 这个写实剧取材于奥兹、其妻莎伦、女儿凯莉和儿子杰克的另类生活。 264. pacifist pacifist /ˈpæsɪfɪst/ ( pacifists ) N-COUNT A pacifist is someonewho believesthat violence is wrong and refuses to take part in wars. 和平主义者; 反战者 例: Many protesters insist they are pacifists, opposed to war in all forms. 许多抗议者坚持说他们是和平主义者,反对一切形式的战争。 265. demagogue demagogue /ˈdɛməˌɡɒɡ/ (also demagog) TEM8 (demagogues ) N-COUNT If you saythat someone such as a politician is ademagogue you are criticizing thembecause you think they try to win people'ssupport by appealing to theiremotions rather than using reasonable arguments. 煽动者 [oft adj N] [表不满 266. prognosticator prognosticator [prɔɡ'nɔstikeitə] n. prognosticate的变形 prognosticate [prəɡ'nɔstikeit] vt. 预示 (尤指预兆,先兆): to prognosticate futurerelations 预示未来的关系 预测 267. dirge dirge /dɜːdʒ/ ( dirges ) N-COUNT A dirge is a slow,sad song orpiece of music. Dirges are sometimes performed at funerals. (葬礼中演奏的)挽歌 [usu sing] 268. diminutive diminutive /dɪˈmɪnjʊtɪv/ ADJ A diminutiveperson or object is very small. 微小的 例: Her eyes scannedthe room until they came to rest on a diminutive figure standing at the entrance. 她的目光扫视着房间,最后停留在一个站在入口的小小的身影上。 269. virtuosity virtuosity /ˌvɜːtʃʊˈɒsətɪ/ N-UNCOUNT The virtuosity ofsomeone such asan artist or athlete is their great skill. (如艺术家或运动员的)高超技巧 [oft with poss] 例: At that time, his virtuosity on the trumpet had no parallel in jazz. 那时,他高超的小号吹奏技巧在爵士乐界无人能比。 270. halcyon halcyon /ˈhælsɪən/ ADJ A halcyon time is a timein the pastthat was peaceful or happy. (旧日时光)平静的; 幸福的 [文学性] [ADJ n] 例: It was all a far cry from those halcyon days in 1990, when he wonthreetournaments on the European tour. 这和1990年的那些美好时光迥然不同,当时他在欧洲巡回赛中赢了三场锦标赛。 271. invoke invoke /ɪnˈvəʊk/ CET6+ TEM8 ( invoking,invoked, invokes ) 1. V-T If you invoke a law,you state thatyou are taking a particular action because that law allows ortells you to. 求助于 (法律) 例: The judge invoked an international law that protects refugees. 法官援用了一项保护难民的国际法律。 2. V-T If you invokesomething such as aprinciple, a saying, or a famous person, you refer to themin order to supportyour argument. 援引 例: ...economists who invoke the principle of "consumersovereignty" to supporttheir arguments. …援引“消费者主权”原则来支持自己论点的经济学家们。 3. V-T If something such as apiece ofmusic invokes a feeling or an image, it causes someone to have thefeeling or tosee the image. Many people consider this use to be incorrectbecause is thecorrect word for this. 使人想起 例: "AppalachianSpring" by AaronCopland invoked theatmosphere of the wide open spaces of the prairies. 艾伦·科普兰的《阿帕拉契亚的春天》使人想起了那种辽阔草原的氛围。 272. oracular oracular /ɒˈrækjʊlə/ ADJ of or relating to anoracle 神谕的 例: Apollo had his oracular shrine at Delphi 273. palpitation palpitation /ˌpælpɪˈteɪʃən/ (palpitations) N-VAR When someone haspalpitations, theirheart beats very fast in an irregular way. 心悸 例: Caffeine can cause palpitations and headaches. 咖啡因能引起心悸和头痛。 274. prattle prattle /ˈprætəl/ (prattling, prattled,prattles ) V-I If you say that someoneprattles onabout something, you are criticizing them because they are talkinga lot withoutsaying anything important. 闲扯; 喋喋不休 [非正式] 例: Lou prattled on about various trivialities till I wantedto scream. 卢就各种琐碎小事唠叨个没完,一直到我烦得都想尖叫了。 275. prudent prudent /ˈpruːdənt/ CET6+ TEM8 ADJ Someone who is prudent issensible andcareful. 谨慎的 例: It is clearly prudent to take all precautions. 采取一切防范措施显然是慎重的。 276. raconteur raconteur /ˌrækɒnˈtɜː/ (raconteurs ) N-COUNT A raconteur is someone, usually aman, who can tell stories in an interesting or amusing way. 擅长讲故事者 例: He spoke eight languages andwas a noted raconteur. 他说八种语言,是个出了名的讲故事高手。 277. respite respite /ˈrɛspɪt/ TEM8 1. N-SING A respite is ashort period ofrest from something unpleasant. (某种不快中的) 小间歇 [正式] [also no det,oft N 'from' n] 例: It was some weeks now sincethey'd had any respite from shellfire. 他们数周在炮火中,中间没任何小的间歇。 2. N-SING A respite is ashort delay beforea very unpleasant or difficult situation which may or maynot take place. 暂缓 [正式] [also no det] 例: Devaluation would only givethe economy a brief respite. 货币贬值只会给经济一个短时间的暂缓。 278. sanctuary sanctuary /ˈsæŋktjʊərɪ/ CET6+ TEM8 (sanctuaries ) 1. N-COUNT A sanctuary is aplace wherepeople who are in danger from other people can go to be safe. 避难所 例: His church became a sanctuary for thousands of people who fledthecivil war. 他的教堂成了数千逃避内战的人们的一个避难所。 2. N-UNCOUNT Sanctuary is thesafetyprovided in a sanctuary. 庇护 例: Some of them have soughtsanctuary in thechurch. 他们中的一些人已在教堂里寻求庇护。 279. truculent truculent /ˈtrʌkjʊlənt/ 1. ADJ If you say thatsomeone istruculent, you mean that they are bad-tempered and aggressive. 易怒的; 好斗的 2. truculence N-UNCOUNT 例: "What do you want?"she asked with her usual truculence. “你想要什么?”,她用往常的挑衅口吻问道。 280. acumen acumen /ˈækjʊˌmɛn/ TEM8 N-UNCOUNT Acumen is theability to makegood judgments and quick decisions. 敏锐; 精明 281. unwarranted unwarranted /ʌnˈwɒrəntɪd/ ADJ If youdescribe something as unwarranted, you arecritical of it because there is noneed or reason for it. 不必要的; 无端的 [正式] 例: Any attempt todiscuss the issue of human rights was rejectedasan unwarranted interference in the country'sinternal affairs. 任何希望讨论人权问题的要求都被视为对该国内政的无端干涉而被拒绝了。 282. pithiness pithiness ['piθinis] n.多髓(性) 简洁有力,简练 pithy的变形 283. schism schism /ˈskɪzəm, ˈsɪz-/ (schisms ) N-VAR When there is a schism,a group ororganization divides into two groups as a result of differences inthinking andbeliefs. 分裂 [正式] 例: The church seems to be on the brink of schism. 该教会看来处于分裂的边缘。 284. hiatus hiatus /haɪˈeɪtəs/ TEM8 N-SING A hiatus is a pause inwhich nothinghappens, or a gap where something is missing. 间歇; 空隙 [正式] 例: Diplomatic efforts to reach asettlementresume today after a two-week hiatus. 在两周间歇后,为达成解决方案而进行的外交努力于今天重新开始。 285. preclude preclude /prɪˈkluːd/ CET6 TEM8 (precluding, precluded, precludes) V-T If something precludes anevent oraction, it prevents the event or action from happening. 阻止 (某事件或行动发生) [正式] 例: At 84, John feels his age precludes too much travel. 在84岁时,约翰感觉到他的年龄不允许他作太多的旅行。 286. amalgamate amalgamate /əˈmælɡəˌmeɪt/ TEM8 (amalgamating, amalgamated, amalgamates ) V-RECIP When two or morethings, especiallyorganizations, amalgamate or are amalgamated, they becomeone large thing. 合并 例: The firm has amalgamated with another company. 这家公司已经与另一家公司合并了。 例: The chemical companies had amalgamated into a vast conglomerate. 这些化学公司已经合并成了一个巨型企业集团。 287. symbiosis symbiosis /ˌsɪmbɪˈəʊsɪs, -baɪ-/ 1. N-UNCOUNT Symbiosis is acloserelationship between two organisms of different kinds which benefitsbothorganisms. 共生; 共生关系 [技术] 例: ...the link between bacteria, symbiosis, and the evolution of plants andanimals. ...细菌、共生和动植物进化间的联系。 2. N-UNCOUNT Symbiosis is anyrelationshipbetween different things, people, or groups that benefits all thethings orpeople concerned. 互惠互利的关系 例: ...the cosy symbiosis of the traditional political parties. ...这些传统政党间友好的互惠互利关系。 288. moribund moribund /ˈmɒrɪˌbʌnd/ TEM8 ADJ If you describe somethingas moribund,you mean that it is in a very bad condition. 垂死的; 奄奄一息的 [正式] 例: ...the moribund economy. ...死气沉沉的经济. 289. elocution elocution /ˌɛləˈkjuːʃən/ N-UNCOUNT Elocution is howclearly someonespeaks or sings. 演说术; 演说技巧 例: When I was 11 my mother sentme to elocution lessons. 在我11岁的时候,妈妈把我送去学习演说技巧课程。 290. venal venal /ˈviːnəl/ ADJ If you describe someoneas venal, youdisapprove of them because they are prepared to do almostanything in return formoney, even things that are dishonest or immoral. 唯利是图的 [表不满] 例: Ian Trimmer is corrupt and thoroughly venal. 伊恩·特里默贪污受贿,唯利是图到了极点。 例: ...venalpoliticians. ...唯利是图的政客们。 291. lopsided lopsided /ˌlɒpˈsaɪdɪd/ TEM8 ADJ Something that islopsided is unevenbecause one side is lower or heavier than the other. 两边高低不平的; 不均衡的 例: His suit had shoulders thatmade him look lopsided. 他西装的肩部使他看上去两肩高低不平。 292. tempered tempered ['tempəd] adj. 缓和的,温和的;调节的; v. 调和;节制(temper的过去分词) 293. mirthful mirthful ['mə:θful] adj. 欢乐的,高兴的,充满欢乐的,欢快的 令人欢乐的;逗人发笑的 294. indelible indelible /ɪnˈdɛlɪbəl/ TEM8 1. ADJ If you say thatsomething leaves anindelible impression, you mean that it is very unlikely tobe forgotten. 难忘的 [usu ADJ n] 例: My visit to India in 1986 left an indelible impression on me. 1986年的印度之行给我留下了难忘的印象。 2. indelibly ADV [ADV with v] 例: The horrors he experiencedare imprinted,perhaps indelibly, in his brain. 经历的恐怖事件在他脑海中刻下了深深的,也许是难以磨灭的印记。 3. ADJ Indelible ink or anindelible staincannot be removed or washed out. (污渍)洗不掉的 [usu ADJ n] 例: It leaves indelible stains on clothes. 它会在衣物上留下洗不掉的污渍。 例: The message was written in indelible ink. 这条信息是用不褪色的墨水写的。 295. florid florid /ˈflɒrɪd/ TEM8 1. ADJ If you describesomething as florid,you disapprove of the fact that it is complicated andextravagant rather thanplain and simple. 过分花哨的 [表不满] 例: ...florid language. ...过于华丽的词藻。 2. ADJ Someone who is floridalways has ared face. 面色红润的 例: Jacobs was a stout, florid man. 雅各布斯是个身材结实,脸色红润的男人。 296. malfeasance malfeasance /mælˈfiːzəns/ N the doing of a wrongful orillegal act,esp by a public official (公共官员的)渎职行为 [法律]→compare misfeasance, nonfeasance 297. pastoral pastoral /ˈpɑːstərəl/ TEM8 1. ADJ The pastoral duties ofa priest orother religious leader involve looking after the people he or shehasresponsibility for, especially by helping them with their personalproblems. 牧师职责的 [ADJ n] 例: ...thepastoral care of the sick. …牧师对病人的照料。 2. ADJ A pastoral place,atmosphere, oridea is characteristic of peaceful country life and scenery. 田园生活的; 田园风光的 [ADJ n] 例: ...a tranquil pastoral scene. …宁静的田园风光。 298. intemperance intemperance [in'tempərəns] n. 无节制;放纵;过度;纵情 无节制(或放纵)的行为 饮酒无度;酗酒 299. inimical inimical /ɪˈnɪmɪkəl/ ADJ Conditions that areinimical tosomething make it difficult for that thing to exist or do well. 不利的 [正式] 例: ...goals inimical to Western interests. ...对西方利益不利的目标。 300. mellifluous mellifluous /mɪˈlɪflʊəs/ ADJ A mellifluous voice orpiece of musicis smooth and gentle and very pleasant to listen to. 悦耳的; 温柔的; 动听的 [正式] [usu ADJ n] 例: I grew up around people whohad wonderful, mellifluous voices. 我是在一群有着悦耳动听嗓音的人周围长大的。 声明:沪江网高度重视知识产权保护,发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将做相应处理。


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