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  1. Hujiang
  1. False [Brief Intro] Airport Vocabulary List   

    Mandarin Chinese vocabulary related to the airport. Audio clips aid in Mandarin pronunciation, and animated Chinese characters show the proper stroke order of each airport vocabulary item.
    2017-04-20 17:58, speaking
  2. False [Brief Intro] School Vocabulary   

    Mandarin Chinese names of the things, places and people commonly found at school. Each entry has an audio file for pronunciation and listening practice.
    2017-04-20 17:56, speaking
  3. False [Brief Intro] How to Address Family Members in Mandarin Chinese   

    Family relations can reach out over several generations and through many extensions.
    2017-04-19 17:52, grammar
  4. False [Brief Intro] The Potential Complement DE   

    There are three DE particles used in Mandarin Chinese: the possessive de (的), the adverbial , and the potential complement de (得).
    2017-04-19 17:38, grammar
  5. False [Brief Intro] "Because" in Chinese   

    Learning how to say "because" in Chinese will expand your vocabulary by enabling you to answer questions.
    2017-04-18 17:50, grammar
  6. False [Brief Intro] "Happy" in Chinese   

    There are many ways to say happy in Chinese. Like with English, Chinese words have synonyms so that conversation doesn't get too repetitive.
    2017-04-18 17:48, speaking
  7. False [Brief Intro] Laoban - Daily Mandarin Lesson   

    Titles are important in Chinese culture, and they are used more frequently than in most Western countries.
    2017-04-17 17:46, speaking
  8. False [Brief Intro] Daily Mandarin Lesson: "What" in Chinese   

    Learning how to say "what" in Chinese is a very helpful vocabulary word that will enable you to ask and understand questions.
    2017-04-17 17:42, grammar
  9. False [Brief Intro] Mandarin General Prepositions   

    Mandarin prepositions are used to link nouns, pronouns, and noun phrases within a sentence.
    2017-04-16 17:40, grammar
  10. False [Brief Intro] Peng you - Friend   

    The Mandarin word for "friend" or "friends" is péngyou. It is made up of two characters: 朋 (péng) and 友 (yǒu), both of which mean “friend” and can be combined with other characters to expr
    2017-04-16 17:39, speaking
  11. False [Brief Intro] Verb Tenses in Chinese   

    Western languages such as English have several ways to express tense. The most common are verb conjunctions which change the form of the verb depending on the time frame.
    2017-04-15 17:35, speaking
  12. False [Brief Intro] Dui Bu Qi, Saying "Sorry" in Mandarin Chinese   

    There are many ways to say “sorry” in Mandarin Chinese, but one of the most common and versatile phrases is ►duì bu qǐ. It means "sorry" in the sense that you have wronged someone and want t
    2017-04-15 17:33, speaking
  13. False [Brief Intro] How to Say "And" in Chinese   

    Some English words have several possible Mandarin Chinese translations.
    2017-04-14 17:27, speaking
  14. False [Brief Intro] Using the Telephone   

    The conventions for making and answering phone calls in Mandarin Chinese are similar to English.
    2017-04-14 17:24, speaking
  15. False [Brief Intro] How to Say "Hello" in Chinese   

    The first step to starting a conversation in Mandarin Chinese is to say "hello!"
    2017-04-13 17:25, speaking
  16. False [Brief Intro] Where Do You Live?   

    There are many ways to ask where a person lives, depending on how specific you wish to be, or whether the person is from another country.
    2017-04-13 17:23, speaking
  17. False [Brief Intro] Giving Directions in Chinese   

    Some of the most important vocabulary to prepare before going to a Mandarin-speaking country is phrases and words for asking directions.
    2017-04-12 17:22, speaking
  18. False [Brief Intro] Countries of the Americas   

    Mandarin names for regions and countries are very different from their English counterparts.
    2017-04-12 17:21, mandarin
  19. False [Brief Intro] North American Cities   

    Mandarin Chinese has a relatively limited stock of phonetics compared with other languages.
    2017-04-11 17:20, mandarin
  20. False [Brief Intro] Mandarin Colors   

    Learning the names of colors is essential in any language, but Mandarin colors give you more than just a tool for descriptions: they also have strong cultural meanings.
    2017-04-11 17:18, grammar
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