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  1. Hujiang
  1. False [Food] Pumpkin Red Jujube Soup 南瓜红枣汤   

    It's established that a bowel of pumpkin jujube soup can be favorable to our body in winter. Temperature of pumpkin, into the spleen and stomach by the second, resolving phlegm and row of dense,
    2014-05-28 08:00, food in china chinesefood
  2. False [Travel] The Great Wall Section——Shanhai Pass / Shanhai Guan    

    The Great Wall, which is the history of China. The Great Wall, which still has profound influence on China today, has been built more than 2000 years and represents a main part of Chinese history
    2014-05-27 16:00, Chinese culture culture
  3. False [Food] Corn and Sparerib Soup 玉米排骨汤   

    In autumn, most Chinese would like to eat corn and sparerib soup. Pig ribs are suitable for deficiency of qi and blood, is satisfied that the poor due to Yin deficiency.And maize may help prevent
    2014-05-27 15:00, food in china chinesefood
  4. False [Food] Bird's nest 燕窝   

    Bird's nests are top tonics for everyone and sell at high prices, they are usually made into soup. 燕窝是对于每个人都是顶级补品,价钱往往很高,另外通常会被做成汤。
    2014-05-27 07:00, Food 食物
  5. False [Food] Fish Fillets in Tomato Soup 鱼片番茄汤   

    The nutrition experts study found that tomato with Jianwei aiding digestion, resistance to blood coagulation, skin care, and maintenance of functional roles. So, how about a bowel of fish fillets
    2014-05-26 18:00, food in china chinesefood
  6. False [Food] Congee With Pork Liver 猪肝粥   

    In China, many Chinese perfer to eat a bowel of congee with pork during breadfast. Congee with pork liver is porridge recipe, the main ingredient is rice and pork liver; process boiled, making si
    2014-05-26 08:00, food in china chinesefood
  7. False [Food] Benefits of congee 粥的多种益处   

    With autumn coming, it's time to nourish the organs and keep them moist in the cool, dry season. 随着秋天的到来,我们是时候需要滋养器官,使它们在干冷的季节保持水润。
    2014-05-25 20:00, Food 食物
  8. False [Food] Radish and Mutton Soup 白萝卜羊肉汤   

    In autumn, a bowel of radish and mutton soup can benefit us.has a high nutritional value of radish, rich in carbohydrates and vitamin, vitamin c content of these 8~10 times higher than the PEAR.
    2014-05-25 08:00, food in china chinesefood
  9. False [Food] Roll Back Large Bone Porridge 生滚大骨粥   

    It's established that children often drink soup bones, bone collagen and other material necessary to replenish the body, enhance hematopoiesis, skeletal growth helps adults drink may delay aging.
    2014-05-24 12:00, food in china chinesefood
  10. False [Food] Chinese food:Spicy fish fillet   

    Spicy fish was one of the Sichuan dishes,color red,fresh and mellow,for carp for the production of the ingredient,process for the stew,making difficult medium.
    2014-05-24 07:00, Chinese Food
  11. False [Food] Chinese food:Home beer duck   

    Cuisine:Sichuan cuisine Flavor:Sauce Flavor Practice:Stew Diet:Invigorating the spleen and wheting
    2014-05-23 10:34, Chinese Food
  12. False [Travel] Classic Beijing in China   

    Back in Year 2007, my trip in northeastern China(中国Zhōngguó) with my University Program ended finally by the awe-inspiring(if you describe someone or something as awe-inspiring, you are empha
    2014-05-20 16:00, travel travel guide
  13. False [Travel] Tour group accompaniment in Guilin and its vicinity   

    Meeting time and place fixed with the English speaking tour guide Sharon(莎伦Shā Lún) that I was going to accompany during these four coming days, we first met at a bus station near to our plac
    2014-05-19 13:00, travel travel guide
  14. False [Travel] Travel broadens the mind: Chengdu, Leshan   

    Flight from Guilin(桂林Guìlín) to Chengdu(成都Chéngdū) spent smoothly and lasted for 2 hours. Arrived at the airport, airport shuttle buses making the way to the city-center were at travelers
    2014-05-18 14:00, travel travel guide
  15. False [Travel] May Day 2011: Spent My Holiday with Yangshuo in China   

    Thank God, the rainy days of Guilin(桂林Guìlín) City came to the end in April and girls in mini-skirts declared the coming of summertime!
    2014-05-18 09:00, travel travel guide
  16. False [Food] Disadvantage of apple juice 苹果汁的坏处   

    It's true that apple juice can pose a risk to your health, becuase of few natural nutrients, lots of calories. 这是真的,苹果汁会威胁你的健康,因为很少的天然营养成分却有大量的热量。
    2014-05-17 16:00, Food 食物
  17. False [Food] Chinese food:Sauteed spicy chicken   

    Cuisine:Sichuan cuisine Flavor:Spicy Practice:Sauteed Diet:Buqi
    2014-05-17 08:00, Chinese Food
  18. False [Food] Red hawthorn 红山楂   

    Red hawthorns are an effective herb in TCM that helps relieve indigestion problems and treat high blood pressure. 红山楂是一种有用的中药,有助于缓解消化不良的问题和治疗高血压。
    2014-05-16 17:53, Food 食物
  19. False [Food] Diet of Xiaoxue 小雪食谱   

    Sesames, longan and black beans are highly recommended foods in winter, these are good for health. 在冬季,芝麻、龙眼和黑豆是被高度推荐的食物,因为它们都十分有益。
    2014-05-16 17:53, Food 食物
  20. False [Grammar] Chinese Grammar learning: 反而 vs 却   

    Learning how to properly use 反而 (fǎn'ér) and 却 (què) may seem like a head ache, but it isn't! This article will help you out!
    2014-05-15 16:00, grammar grammars
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