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  1. Hujiang
  1. False [Customs] Celebrate a Chinese-style Birthday   

    While some families opt to celebrate a person’s birthday annually, the more traditional approach is to start celebrating when a person turns 60.
    2017-02-20 19:15,
  2. False [Customs] Top 5 Children's Card Games   

    Here are my picks for the best traditional card games for children. All of these games can be played with a standard 52-card deck.
    2017-02-20 11:38, culture
  3. False [Customs] Celebrating Chinese Birthdays   

    It is becoming more and more popular to serve Western-style birthday cakes, but long noodles are traditionally eaten by the person celebrating his or her birthday.
    2017-02-19 19:13, culture
  4. False [Customs] Fun Traditional Card Games for Families   

    Playing card games is a great way for families to bond.
    2017-02-19 11:29, culture
  5. False [Customs] Your Guide to Chinese New Year Lantern Wishes   

    Chinese New Year includes two weeks of celebration with most activities taking place on just three days.
    2017-02-18 19:11, culture
  6. False [Customs] Chinese New Year Lantern Colors   

    Chinese New Years' 15-day holiday culminates with the Lantern Festival (元宵节, yuan xiao jie), marking the end of celebrations with a party under the full moon.
    2017-02-18 19:10, culture
  7. False [Customs] Chinese Funeral Traditions   

    Mourners will wear a cloth band on their arms to show that they are in a period of mourning.
    2017-02-18 19:07, culture
  8. False [Customs] The History of Chinese New Year   

    The most important holiday in Chinese culture around the world is undoubtedly Chinese New Year—and it all started out of fear.
    2017-02-17 19:09, culture
  9. False [Customs] How to Prepare for Chinese New Year   

    Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese culture, which means most families begin preparing well in advance.
    2017-02-17 19:04, culture
  10. False [Customs] A Guide to Chinese New Year Decorations   

    Chinese New Year is a 15-day holiday that marks the new lunar year and the welcoming of spring.
    2017-02-16 19:06, culture
  11. False [Customs] What Is a Red Envelope in Chinese Culture?   

    A red envelope (紅包, hóngbāo) is simply a long, narrow, red envelope. Traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters like happiness and wealth.
    2017-02-16 19:05, culture
  12. False [Customs] Chinese Wedding Invitations   

    Chinese Wedding invitations are almost always red and stuffed inside a red envelope that is wider and longer than hongbao (red envelopes filled with money).
    2017-02-15 19:03, culture
  13. False [Customs] Chinese wedding ceremonies are special affairs.   

    Most Chinese weddings include Chinese wedding favors which are given to guests upon arrival or departure from the wedding banquet.
    2017-02-15 19:03, culture
  14. False [Customs] Chinese Wedding Rituals   

    Chinese wedding ceremonies are special affairs.
    2017-02-14 19:01, culture
  15. False [Customs] Chinese Wedding Decorations   

    Most Chinese Wedding Decorations are supplied by the banquet hall or hotel reception hall.
    2017-02-14 19:01, culture
  16. False [Customs] Chinese Gift-Giving: What Not to Buy   

    While giving a gift is much appreciated and it’s the thought that counts, there are some gifts that are absolute no-nos in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Avoid these Chinese gift-giving blunders.
    2017-02-13 18:55, culture
  17. False [Customs] Chinese Wedding Traditions – Engagement   

    In the past, engagements were arranged by parents and matchmakers. The engagement consisted of 'six courtesies'.
    2017-02-13 18:50, culture
  18. False [Customs] Holiday Taboos   

    It is a Chinese taboo to share stories about death and dying and ghost stories during special occasions and holidays.
    2017-02-12 18:54, culture
  19. False [Customs] Taboos in Gift-Giving   

    Since good things are believed to come in pairs, gifts given in pairs (except four) are best.
    2017-02-12 18:52, culture
  20. False [Customs] Taboos in Food   

    Young children should not eat chicken feet as it is believed they might not be able to write well when they start school.
    2017-02-11 18:51, culture
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