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编辑点评: 想要在GMAT写作中获得高分,好的开头和结尾是一篇作文中必不可少的。小编为各位考生整理了GMAT作文优秀结尾如何完成,供考生们参考使用。
小编为各位考生整理了GMAT作文优秀结尾如何完成,供考生们参考使用。 End: 1. From what has been discussed above (Tacking into all these factors/Judging from all evidence offered), we may draw the conclusion that... 2. All the evidece (analysis) supports (confirms/warrants/points to) a (an) unshakable (sound/unmistakable) conclusion that ... 3. There is no immediate (effective) solution (approach/answer/remedy) to the problem of ..., but ... might be useful (helpful/beneficial). 4. It is high time that we place great (special/considerable) emphasis on the improvement (development/promotion) of... 5. It is necessary (essential/fundamental) that effective (proper) action (measures/steps/remedies) should be taken to prevent the situation. 6. For the reasons given above, I feel (recommend) that... 7. It is hoped (suggested/recommended) that great (corporate/persistent) efforts should be made to control .... 与好的开头一样,好的结尾是一篇作文中必不可少的。希望大家可以借鉴上文中的七种结尾,来突破自己的GMAT写作高分。


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