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    所属专题:SAT考试  来源:新东方在线    要点:SAT高频词汇  
    编辑点评: 为了方便同学记忆SAT词汇,小编特推出SAT单词考前必背高频词系列共7个list, 每个list有50个千挑万选出来的单词,每个list分为2个部分,希望对考生备考有所帮助。
    SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(1-50) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(51-100) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(101-150) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(151-200) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(201-250) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(251-300) SAT词汇表:SAT考前必背高频词(301-350) 301. compunction compunction /kəmˈpʌŋkʃən/TEM8 N-UNCOUNT If you say that someone has no compunction about doing something, you mean that they do it without feeling ashamed or guilty. 悔恨 [表不满] 例: He has no compunction about relating how he killed his father. 他毫无悔意地讲述了他如何杀死自己的父亲。 302. spurn spurn/spɜːn/ ( spurning, spurned, spurns ) V-T If you spurn someone or something, you reject them. 拒绝 例: He spurned the advice of management consultants. 他拒绝了管理顾问的劝告。 303. compromising compromising/ˈkɒmprəmaɪzɪŋ/ ADJ If you describe information or a situation as compromising, you mean that itreveals an embarrassing or guilty secret about someone. 败坏名声的 例: How had this compromising picture come into thepossession of the press? 这张有损名声的照片是怎么到了媒体手里的? 304. commend commend /kəˈmɛnd/ CET6 TEM4 ( commending, commended, commends ) V-T If you commend someone orsomething, you praise them formally. 表杨; 称赞 [正式] 例: I commended her for that action. 我表扬了她的那次表现。 305. stark 1.ADJ Stark choices orstatements are harsh and unpleasant. 严酷的 例: Companies face a stark choice if they want to stay competitive. 各公司要想保持竞争力就要面临一个严酷的选择。 2. starkly ADV 严酷地 例: That issue is presented starkly and brutally by Bob Graham and David Cairns. 那个问题被鲍勃·格雷厄姆和戴维·凯恩斯冷酷无情地提了出来。 3. ADJ If two things are instark contrast to one another, they are very different from each other in a waythat is very obvious. (对比) 鲜明的 例: ...secret cooperation betweenLondon and Washington that was in stark contrast toofficial policy. …伦敦和华盛顿之间的与官方政策明显相悖的秘密合作。 306. cerebral cerebral /ˈsɛrɪbrəl/ TEM8 ADJ If you describe someoneor something as cerebral, you mean that they are intellectual rather thanemotional. 理智的; 理性的 [正式] 例: Washington struck me as aprecarious place from which to publish such a cerebral newspaper. 我觉得要在华盛顿这个地方出版一份这么理性的报纸前途未卜 307. discern discern/dɪˈsɜːn/ CET6 TEM4 ( discerning,discerned, discerns ) 1. V-TIf you can discern something, you are aware of it and know what it is. 认识; 了解 [正式] 例: You needa long series of data to be able to discern such atrend. 你需要一大串数据才能认清这一趋势。 2. V-TIf you can discern something, you can just see it, but not clearly. 隐约看见 [正式] 例: Belowthe bridge we could just discern a narrow, weedy ditch. 在桥下我们仅可隐约看见一条狭窄的、杂草丛生的沟壑。 308. innuendo innuendo /ˌɪnjʊˈɛndəʊ/ ( innuendos ) N-VAR Innuendo is indirectreference to something rude or unpleasant.影射; 暗讽 例: The report was based on rumors, speculation, and innuendo. 该报告以传言、臆测和影射为基础。 309. atonality atonality /ˌeɪtəʊˈnælɪtɪ,ˌæ-/ → compare tonality N absence of or disregard foran established musical key in a composition无调性 310. affable affable /ˈæfəbəl/ TEM8 ADJ Someone who is affable ispleasant and friendly. 和蔼的 例: Mr. Brooke is an extremely affable and approachable man. 布鲁克先生是一个极为和蔼可亲的人。 311. craven craven /ˈkreɪvən/ TEM8 ADJ Someone who is craven isvery cowardly. 懦弱的 [书面] 例: They condemned the deal as a craven surrender. 他们谴责这笔交易为毫无志气的投降行为。 312. magnanimous magnanimous /mæɡˈnænɪməs/TEM8 ADJ If you are magnanimous,you behave kindly and generously toward someone, especially after defeatingthem or being treated badly by them. 宽宏大量的 [usu ADV with v] 例: I was prepared to be magnanimous, prepared to feel compassion for him. 我准备好了要宽宏大量,也准备好了同情他。 313. antecedent antecedent /ˌæntɪˈsiːdənt/TEM4 ( antecedents ) N-COUNT An antecedent ofsomething happened or existed before it and was similar to it in some way. 先例 [正式] [usu with supp] 例: We shall first look brieflyat the historical antecedents of this theory. 我们首先简要地回顾一下该理论历史上的先例。 314. aplomb aplomb /əˈplɒm/ N-UNCOUNT If you do somethingwith aplomb, you do it with confidence in a relaxed way. 沉着; 镇定 [正式] [usu 'with' N] 315. apropos apropos /ˌæprəˈpəʊ/ 1. PREP Something that isapropos, or apropos of, a subject or event, is connected with it or relevant toit. 关于 [正式] 例: All my suggestions aproposthe script were accepted. 我有关该剧本的所有建议都被采纳了。 2. PREP Apropos or apropos ofis used to introduce something that you are going to say that is related to thesubject you have just been talking about. 谈及 [正式] 例: She was no longer sure of herposition. Apropos of that, it was clearly time for more persuasion. 她对自己的立场不再胸有成竹。谈及此,显然正是做更多说服工作的时候。 316. anguish anguish /ˈæŋɡwɪʃ/ CET6+ TEM8 N-UNCOUNT Anguish is greatmental suffering or physical pain. 极度痛苦 例: Mark looked at him inanguish. 马克极为痛苦地看着他。 317. auspicious auspicious /ɔːˈspɪʃəs/ TEM8 ADJ Something that isauspicious indicates that success is likely. 有望成功的 [正式] 例: His career as a playwrighthad an auspicious start. 他的剧作家生涯有一个好的开头。 318. beleaguer beleaguer /bɪˈliːɡə/ V to trouble persistently;harass 使烦恼 319. sullen sullen /ˈsʌlən/ CET6+ TEM4 ADJ Someone who is sullen isbad-tempered and does not speak much. 愤懑的 例: The offenders lapsed into a sullen silence. 这些罪犯陷入了愤懑的沉默。 320. circumvent circumvent/ˌsɜːkəmˈvɛnt/ TEM8 ( circumventing,circumvented, circumvents ) V-T Ifsomeone circumvents a rule or restriction, they avoid having to obey the ruleor restriction, in a clever and perhaps dishonest way. (利用小聪明)回避 [正式] 例: Militaryplanners tried to circumvent the treaty. 军事计划员们试图避开此条约。 321. conciliate conciliate /kənˈsɪlɪˌeɪt/TEM8 ( conciliating, conciliated, conciliates ) V-T/V-I If you conciliatesomeone, you try to end a disagreement with them. 安抚; 劝慰 [正式] 例: His duty was to conciliate the people, not to provoke them. 他的任务是安抚这些人,而不是激怒他们。 322. deleterious deleterious/ˌdɛlɪˈtɪərɪəs/ ADJSomething that has a deleterious effect on something has a harmful effect onit. 有害的 [正式] 例: Pettycrime is having a deleterious effect oncommunity life. 轻罪对于社区生活正在产生有害影响。 323. fecund fecund /ˈfiːkənd, ˈfɛk-/ TEM8 1. ADJ Land or soil that isfecund is able to support the growth of a large number of strong healthyplants. 肥沃的 [正式] 例: The pampas are still amongthe most fecund lands in the world. 这片南美无树大草原仍然是世界上最为肥沃的地方。 2. ADJ If you describesomething as fecund, you approve of it because it produces a lot of good oruseful things. 多产的; 丰饶的 [正式] 例: It has now become clear how extraordinarily fecund a decade was the 1890s. 十九世纪九十年代被当今视为创造力旺盛的十年。 324. fleeting fleeting /ˈfliːtɪŋ/ TEM8 1. ADJ Fleeting is used todescribe something which lasts only for a very short time. 短暂的 例: The girls caught only a fleeting glimpse of the driver. 姑娘们只是匆匆瞥了那个司机一眼。 2. fleetingly ADV 短暂地 例: A smile passed fleetinglyacross his face. 笑容从他的脸上一闪即逝。 325. fortitude fortitude /ˈfɔːtɪˌtjuːd/ TEM4 N-UNCOUNT If you say thatsomeone has shown fortitude, you admire them for being brave, calm, anduncomplaining when they have experienced something unpleasant or painful. 刚毅 [正式] 例: He suffered a long series ofillnesses with tremendous dignity and fortitude. 他在病魔的长久折磨下表现出了高度的尊严和刚毅。 326. impasse impasse /æmˈpɑːs/ TEM8 N-SING If people are in adifficult position in which it is impossible to make any progress, you canrefer to the situation as an impasse. 僵局 例: The company says it has reached an impasse in negotiations with the union. 该公司称与工会的谈判已陷入僵局。 327. implausible implausible/ɪmˈplɔːzəbəl/ ADJ Ifyou describe something as implausible, you believe that it is unlikely to betrue.难以置信的 例: I had toadmit it sounded like an implausible excuse. 我不得不承认,它听上去像是个让人难以置信的借口。 328. incorporate incorporate/ɪnˈkɔːpəˌreɪt/ CET6 TEM4 (incorporating, incorporated, incorporates ) 1. V-TIf one thing incorporates another thing, it includes the other thing. 包含 [正式] 例: The newcars will incorporate a number of major improvements. 这种新型汽车将包含许多重大的改进。 2. V-TIf someone or something is incorporated into a large group, system, or area,they become a part of it. 使并入 [正式] 例: Theagreement would allow the rebels to be incorporatedinto a new national police force. 该协议将允许叛军并入一支新的国家警察部队。 329. insurmountable insurmountable/ˌɪnsəˈmaʊntəbəl/ TEM8 1. ADJ Aproblem that is insurmountable is so great that it cannot be dealt withsuccessfully. 不可克服的 例: Thecrisis doesn't seem like an insurmountable problem. 这场危机不像是无法克服的。 330. libelous libelous /'laibələs/ adj. 诽谤的;损害名誉的;用言语中伤他人的 331. licentious licentious /laɪˈsɛnʃəs/ 1. ADJ If you describe a person as licentious, you mean that they are very immoral, especially in theirsexual behaviour. (尤指性行为)不道德的 [正式] 例: ...alarming stories of licentious behaviour. ...那些放荡行为的骇人听闻的故事。 2. licentiousness N-UNCOUNT 例: ...morallicentiousness. ...道德败坏。 332. noxious noxious /ˈnɒkʃəs/ 1. ADJ A noxious gas orsubstance is poisonous or very harmful. 有毒的; 有害的 [usu ADJ n] 例: Many household products give off noxious fumes. 很多家用产品散发有害气体。 2. ADJ If you refer tosomeone or something as noxious, you mean that they are extremely unpleasant. 令人厌恶的 [正式][usu ADJ n] 例: ...the heavy, noxious smell of burning sugar, butter, fats, andflour. ...糖、黄油、油脂和面粉浓烈难闻的焦糊气味。 例: Their behavior was noxious. 他们的行为令人生厌。 333. opacity opacity /əʊˈpæsɪtɪ/ 1. N-UNCOUNT Opacity is thequality of being difficult to see through. 不透明性 [正式] 例: Opacity of the eye lens can be induced by deficiency ofcertain vitamins. 眼球晶状体的混浊可由缺乏某些维生素引起。 2. N-UNCOUNT If you refer to something's opacity, you mean that it is difficult to understand. 晦涩难懂 [正式] 例: ...a stupefying verbal opacity. ... 让人惊讶的晦涩难懂的语言。 334. perfidy perfidy /ˈpɜːfɪdɪ/ N-UNCOUNT Perfidy is theaction of betraying someone or behaving very badly toward someone. 背信弃义; 不仁不义 [文学性] 335. profligacy profligacy /ˈprɒflɪɡəsɪ/ N-UNCOUNT Profligacy is thespending of too much money or the using of too much of something. 挥霍; 浪费 [正式] 例: ...the continuing profligacy of certain states. ...某些州持续存在的挥霍浪费现象。 336. propitiate propitiate /prəˈpɪʃɪˌeɪt/ (propitiating, propitiated, propitiates ) V-T If you propitiatesomeone, you stop them from being angry or impatient by doing something toplease them. 使息怒; 和解 [正式] 例: I've never gone out of my wayto propitiate people. 我从未违心安慰过别人。 例: These ancient ceremonies propitiate the spirits of the waters. 这些古老的仪式平息水中神灵的怒气。 337. sinecure sinecure /ˈsaɪnɪˌkjʊə, ˈsɪn-/( sinecures ) N-COUNT A sinecure is a jobfor which you receive payment but which does not involve much work orresponsibility. 闲职 例: She found him an exalted sinecure as a Fellow of the Library ofCongress. 她给他找了一个级别很高的闲职:国会图书馆研究员。 338. squander squander /ˈskwɒndə/ TEM4 ( squandering, squandered, squanders ) V-T If you squander money,resources, or opportunities, you waste them. 浪费 (金钱、资源或机会) 例: Hobbs didn't squander his money on flashy cars or other vices. 霍布斯没有把钱挥霍在奢华汽车或其他恶习上。 339. triage triage /ˈtriːˌɑːʒ/ N-UNCOUNT Triage is theprocess of quickly examining sick or injured people, for example, after anaccident or a battle, so that those who are in the most serious condition canbe treated first. (如事故、战斗后迅速查看伤员以决定哪些人应优先
    治疗的)伤病员鉴别分类 [医学][oft N n]
    例: ...the triage process. ...伤病员鉴别分类过程。 340. triumvirate triumvirate /traɪˈʌmvɪrɪt/ N-SING-COLL A triumvirate isa group of three people who work together, especially when they are in chargeof something. (尤指负责某事的)三人工作组 [正式] [oft N 'of' n] 例: ...the triumvirate of women who worked together on the TVdramatization of the novel. ...合作将这部小说搬上电视荧屏的三位女负责人。 341. vacuous vacuous /ˈvækjʊəs/ ADJ If you describe a personor their comments as vacuous, you are critical of them because they lackintelligent thought or ideas. 思想贫乏的 [表不满] 例: Male models are not always so vacuous as they are made out to be. 男模特儿并不总像人们说的那样没有思想。 342. vertiginous vertiginous /vɜːˈtɪdʒɪnəs/ ADJ A vertiginous cliff ormountain is very high and steep. 高而陡峭的 [文学性] [usu ADJ n] 343. zealous zealous/ˈzɛləs/ TEM4 ADJSomeone who is zealous spends a lot of time or energy in supporting somethingthat they believe in very strongly, especially a political or religious ideal. (尤指对政治或宗教理想) 热衷的 例: She wasa zealous worker for charity. 她是个热衷于慈善事业的工作者。 344. copious copious /ˈkəʊpɪəs/ ADJ A copious amount ofsomething is a large amount of it. 大量的 例: I went out for dinner lastnight and drank copious amounts of red wine. 昨晚我出去吃饭,喝了许多红酒。 345. acerbic acerbic /əˈsɜːbɪk/ ADJ Acerbic humour iscritical and direct. 尖刻的 [正式] 例: He was acclaimed for hisacerbic wit and repartee. 他以自己尖刻的风趣和巧妙的应答迎来喝彩。 346. solicitous solicitous /səˈlɪsɪtəs/ 1. ADJ A person who issolicitous shows anxious concern for someone or something. 挂念的 [正式] [oft ADJ 'of' n] 例: He was so solicitous of his guests. 他是如此挂念自己的客人们。 2. solicitously ADV 例: He took her hand in greetingand asked solicitously how everything was. 他拉住她的手以示问候,还关切地问到她的近况。 347. adhere adhere /ədˈhɪə/ CET6 TEM4 ( adhering, adhered, adheres ) 1. V-IIf you adhere to a rule or agreement, you act in the way that it says youshould. 遵守 例: Allmembers of the association adhere to a strict code ofpractice. 所有该协会的成员都遵守严格的业务守则。 2. V-IIf something adheres to something else, it sticks firmly to it. 紧贴 例: Smallparticles adhere to the seed. 微小的粒子紧贴着种子。 348. authenticity /,ɔθɛn'tɪsəti/ n. 真实性,确实性;可靠性 349. thrive thrive/θraɪv/ CET4 TEM4 ( thriving, thrived,thrives ) 1. V-IIf someone or something thrives, they do well and are successful, healthy, orstrong. 兴旺发达; 茁壮成长 例: He appears to be thriving. 他看起来兴旺发达蒸蒸日上。 例: Todayher company continues to thrive. 如今,她的公司继续蓬勃发展。 2. V-IIf you say that someone thrives on a particular situation, you mean that theyenjoy it or that they can deal with it very well, especially when other peoplefind it unpleasant or difficult. 喜欢; 从容应对 (尤指别人不喜欢或认为困难的事) 例: Manypeople thrive on a stressful lifestyle. 许多人喜欢有压力的生活方式。 350. antediluvian antediluvian /ˌæntɪdɪˈluːvɪən/ ADJ Antediluvian things areold or old-fashioned. 陈旧的; 过时的 [幽默] 例: ...antediluvianattitudes to women. ...对妇女的过时态度。 声明:沪江网高度重视知识产权保护,发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将做相应处理。


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